24-Hours in Atlanta

As you guys know, traveling is something I wanted to do more of, and since I have the time I've been putting it to good use. Recently this native Georgia peach had the opportunity to take a little road trip north to visit family! I've done a lot of traveling on the road in my … Continue reading 24-Hours in Atlanta


The Time I “Met” A Bunch of A-Listers 

Whenever I head into the big apple, I always try to see something new. During my last trip, my family and I were able to meet stars like Rihanna, Daniel Craig and more. But...we didn't quite meet them in person. We met the A-listers at Madame Tussaud's House of Wax, home of some of the … Continue reading The Time I “Met” A Bunch of A-Listers 

How The Niagara Falls Helped Me Heal

  In all of my 24 years on this earth, I never really understood what mental illnesses were, specifically anxiety and depression. My friends always talked about feeling anxiety or depression as they explained crisis in their lives but I never thought too much of it. In my mind, they were overreacting and being dramatic, … Continue reading How The Niagara Falls Helped Me Heal