Who Is She?


“If I have to get down and dirty to get the perfect shot or the perfect story, I will.”

By Day: I’m just your average lifestyle blogger. Photography and writing are my passions, and have been since high school. I started this blog in 2009 as a platform where I could spill the beans on my everyday life experiences. Since then, I’ve been able to dive into different niches from photography to fashion. I’m addicted to the study of aesthetics and I’m just trying to figure out how the world works by picking it apart one blog post at a time.

By Night: I’m a retailer and I also do freelance work with different news organizations to build my professional portfolio. On top of that, I’m also working on my bachelors degree in journalism at Florida Gulf Coast University. I love my work, but I’m looking to expand on my skills. I strongly believe in broadening my horizons and I’m open to any opportunities that allow me to show off my work.


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