SC Essentials No. 01

It’s officially July!

This summer seems to be going by so quickly and I’m starting to feel a little bit overwhelmed but I’m ready for the new month and all it brings.

Every month, I try to take some money and treat myself and my family to something nice. This month, I took them out to brunch and treated myself to a little shopping. I’m obsessed with Lush, but like most of my obsessions, it’s a little bit on the pricey side for me and it has become one of my annual guilty pleasures.

I went in originally to get a face scrub because lord knows I need it but I also ended up picking up two bath bombs and a body wash as well.

The body wash and face scrub I bought came in a neat little package and I picked it up because the scrub itself was running $20+ for a small container whereas the small container plus the shower gel in the gift box was around the same price.

It’s obvious which deal was better even if I was getting travel sizes of the products. So as usual, your girl took the cheaper route and splurged on a two for one deal. I’m now realizing the box was packaged that way to be a gift … but hey, it was a gift, just to myself!

Anyway, I’m still trying out the face scrub so I’ll have a more detailed review of it later, but so far it’s nice. I’m not a fan of the scent, but it leaves my face feeling polished but not overly dry which is great. Anything that completely drys out my skin tends to cause problems, so it’s nice that I don’t have to constantly go back and remoisturize with this.

The bath bomb is aaaamazing! My friend said that it looks like a dying minion bleeding blue in the water but I was all for the changing colors, the foam, and he silky water. I honestly couldn’t tell you which bath bomb it was (fizz-something) but I’ll link it once I know.

I also bought some clothes but I will probably do another haul or look book for those once I’m ready. For now, I’m out!

Leave a comment below on your favorite Lush product or just leave some suggestions on other products to try! Have a great day! 


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