Food, Fitbits, And Fitness 

Hey guys! I’ve been out of commission in terms of fitness for a month and a half due to my knee injury, but with the help of physical training, I’ve been getting back into the routine of working out and eating better.

Previous: 222 lbs | Current: 222.8

What I’m Doing Now

Last time we talked about my fitness, I mentioned a couple of apps that I was using and unfortunately, I’ve deleted them all – including my Fitbit app. The month I spent on bed rest made me realize that while those apps were helpful for becoming conscious about how much I moved and how much I ate, I wasn’t as consistent with them as I would have liked and I was just making ends meet instead of putting in quality work during training sessions. So, I deleted all my health apps. Having a knee injury really helped me rehabilitate back into a good fitness routine where I was able to work out three times a week for around an hour.

Most of my workouts start with about 10 minutes of cardio (usually cycling or walking) and then weight training. As of now, I’ve been using weights a lot during my sessions which I know sounds crazy.

“I mean, why use weights when your knee is already so fragile?”

Well, to build back the muscle that prevents injuries in the first place. I’m not over here benching 120 lbs of weights on my legs, but my trainer typically has me do weights of varying degrees of heaviness – 15 reps with 3 sets on each side and builds up the weights as I get stronger. We also finish off with stretches and balance training which I’ve noticed really helped elongate my muscles, fix my posture, and helps me recover faster for the next workout.

Compared to my previous routine, I’m actually sticking to this training, mixing it up often and learning the benefits of what works best for my body. Unfortunately, today was my last day with my trainers in physical therapy and while I’m happy to be discharged, I’m really sad I won’t get to hang out with them anymore because they really helped me in more ways that they think. However, I did get a nice certificate of excellence as part of my “graduation” to remind me of them which I thought was hilarious and sweet. I also got a complementary message so… that’s more than enough incentive to go back!

What I’m Eating Now

In terms of food, I was on a fast food binge for a while because of convenience but after I started PT, my mom and I tried prepping meals ahead of time to avoid eating out as much which really helped. I also consider healthier options if I do have to eat out and I’ve also gotten into the habit of eating breakfast (almost) every morning – which is out of the norm for me – but it really helps keep me from scarfing down double the food later in the day.

I still eat a lot more bread than I really should, but we are working on switching out rice and pasta for more veggies and higher protein options. I also cut out soda all together and upped the water intake but I’m still obsessed with juices. I’d love to cut out the carbs in bread and fast food all together, but that will take a little more time. For now, I’m making do with what I have and taking it slow since I’ve basically started over due to my injury.

What I’m Using

Despite me deleting the apps I usually use for tracking exercise, using food trackers is something I’ll miss because I think it’s extremely important to know what I’m putting in my body and know just how healthy it is. I was using the LifeSum app which YouTuber and blogger Rachel Aust put me on to. It is super cool. First it assesses how you eat, which you can then use to make a diet plan. It then offers you food options that would be better for you to eat and grades the meals you log in terms on nutrients which help you make better food decisions.

It’s one of the newer apps but so far it seems pretty cool and details what’s in your foods better than the apps I was using before. The only thing I don’t like it that it asks for a lot of in-app purchases (like knowing more about the Ketogenic diet) but other than that, it’s pretty good. I’ll keep you guys updated on any other apps or workouts I’ve been getting in to.

Tata for now!


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