As they say, “Break a Leg.” | Update

Today was supposed to be a productive day. Keywords: supposed to be.

Lately I’ve been busy either at the gym or work while also prepping for a wedding shoot next weekend, but as life does, it pumped the brakes on all my plans and pulled me to a screeching halt.
I took quite the tumble today and as a result, I’m currently posted up in bed due to a leg injury.

Now to clarify the situation, my leg isn’t broken. I did a series of X-rays to be sure of that, so there’s speculation that I tore a ligament in my knee due to the pop and crunching sound I heard when I injured it. Still, my doctor said it could take a week to heal.

Now a week may not seem like a long time, but it’s a lifetime to spend in bed – especially for someone who is constantly on the move.
Still, I can appreciate the irony of injuring the one thing I need to get my jobs done. Unfortunately, it’s only been a few hours since my knee swelled to the size of a cantaloupe, and I’m already feeling antsy.

As an advocate of self care, I know it’s important to stay in bed and take care of myself so I will, but if you – my lovely readers –  have any suggestions on what to do or any movies suggestions while bedridden, I would greatly appreciate them. So feel free to drop some in the comments below.

Until next time! 


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