A Little Body Haul

Due to snow storm Stella, there wasn’t much to buy in Freeport considering that all the shops had closed by noon. Luckily, one of my favorite stores, The Body Shop, was open a little later and I was able to snag a couple of essentials.

I don’t have dry skin by any means, but when it comes to body butters and creams, I’m very particular about what goes on my skin and where it’s from. The Body Shop (along with Lush) is one of my favorite places to hunt for body essentials and since there was no Lush in sight, I made due with what I had. 

Just a fair warning, The Body Shop is a small store on average, but the shop in Freeport on Main Street had one of the smaller stores I’ve ever been in. Even so, they had a lot to offer. 

My family and I spent a good hour or so, partially taking cover from the blizzard, and partially shopping the creams, butters, and oils that stocked the shelves. 

While my mom hunted for cream, one of the retailers tried to talk me into age reversing oils but since I already look like I’m 18, I figured it wasn’t quite time yet for anti-aging regiments. Instead, I settled for two body butters (one for myself and one for my sister). 

My sister opted for Satsuma which smells like oranges and is great for normal skin, while I settled for Honeymania which smelled like a mix between Gardenias and maple honey. Funny enough, this one is for drier skin (which my sister has while I have normal skin) but despite the fact that it had a nice thick consistency, it didn’t feel weighty on my skin. Both ran at about $21 each but there were smaller options available that fit in the palm of my hand (running $5-$7 each). 

I wouldn’t recommend investing in the larger containers unless you’re 100% sure what you like, but they last a long time and a little goes a long way with it. 

As a side note, both have very strong smells. Satsuma smelled great, but after a while it started to give me a headache, so try to opt for softer scents if you’re new to The Body Shop and have a sensitive nose. 

With some merch in tow, the last stop we made was at the local Starbucks before retreating back to our beds to watch a movie and later play Monopoly. 

The storm was over by the time we woke up the next morning and it only dumped about a foot of snow so we packed up our things and headed south to check out some other spots.

More to come soon! 


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