Spring Break in Freeport?!

Looking back at my Wanderlust list, I never expected to abandon sun and surf for clouds and snow but here I am!

For spring break, I thought I would be hanging out on the main deck of a carnival cruise somewhere in the waters of Mexico amidst sombreros and rowdy college kids, but instead, I’m writing this from a cozy bed and breakfast in the middle of a snow storm in Freeport Maine.

Insane, I know. 

As the second of many road trips of the year, I tagged along with my mom and sister to Maine just before winter storm Stella hit.

The storm which is projected to dump about eighteen to twenty-four inches of snow, hit early this morning and had been gracing us with non-stop snow.

I haven’t seen snowfall since I was a kid, so that fact that it came just as we did is a blessing and I have to say I’m loving it. 

I mean, check out all that snow.

Despite warnings of the blizzard, my mom, sister, and I were among some of the few inhabitants of Freeport to brave the beginnings of the storm to explore the town and do a little shopping.

Unfortunately, a lot of the stores were closed due to the weather but without the crowd, Freeport is hauntingly beautiful.

I’ll be sure to update you guys on more snowy adventures (if the power holds up). So stay warm out there and we will talk soon!


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