My Fitness Journey So Far

Fitness is a never-ending battle of figuring out how your body works and responds to different things. Here’s what’s been working for me.

Starting: 247 lbs | Current: 222 lbs

What I’m Doing Now

Naturally, I’m up pretty early to work out (usually 4 or 5 a.m.) because it’s the best time for me. No one is awake at that time, its quiet, and I can really focus on me, my body, and my mind.

Compared to my routine of working hard every day (which we will talk about next), I’ve reduced myself to a couple of mornings of strength training for an hour maximum, followed by a quick ten-minute sprint, and yoga or kickboxing on my off days. And since working out is only a portion of the battle, I use apps to keep myself on track. My FitBit flex helps me track my exercise, food, water intake and sleep all in one place and I use the Nike+ Run Club app to track my performance when running.

I used to use the ZombiesRun! app, but it got to the point where it was for more advanced runners and I wanted something new. Although ZombiesRun! does the same thing and is great for zombie culture lovers, Nike+ Run Club is simple and lets me move at my own pace for the most part, so it’s great for getting back into things.

When it comes to food, I still eat relatively well.

My cheat day is on Friday where I let myself indulge in Japanese steakhouses or Olive Garden. Every other day, I typically eat a lot of greens, fruits, and rice but I have cut out sweets, saltier foods like Lays and fried chicken and soda. It sounds laid back, but after a month of this routine compared to my last, I’ve finally started seeing changes in my body and I’m losing a little weight.

So why the change?

When I started to focus on my health, I originally planned to go hard or go home. I was going to stick to my vegan diet, I was going to work out every day, and by March I was going to be a brand new person with a killer body.

Well, a serving of fully loaded fries created a domino effect for countless failure and convinced me otherwise.

Despite every attempt to stick to a harsh diet, going back to being a full-time vegan wasn’t going to happen at this point in my life and neither were two-hour workouts followed by a two-mile run.

I loved being vegan but it required a lot of forethought and preparation, and I think that when I lived alone it was easier because I didn’t have anyone else’s food habits getting in the way of my own and I had a lot more room to experiment with different foods and recipes.

That’s not to say that I wholeheartedly went back to eating meat (I still don’t eat beef and I’ve cut back on pork as well), but I’ll have to work back into it rather than jumping in.

As for my previous workout routine, it felt like punishment and I think it’s human nature (and common sense) to stop doing things that you hate.

Not only were two-to-three hour workouts stressful on my mind, but they literally and figuratively hurt my body more than they helped. I burned myself out on Mondays during a three-hour session and then didn’t work out for the rest of the week.

I also used to go hard working out but then eat a granola bar for the rest of the day thinking I was doing myself good and I’m sure you know what happened then.

Yep, my happy little butt ran right back to the junk food.

With my new routine, it’s a lot easier to keep myself on track while also keeping it fun, and staying sane while doing it. I’ll eventually ween myself off of the really bad stuff, but for now, the loaded fries are here to stay… at least on Fridays.


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