Update (part 1): Under construction

Hey guys!

I just wanted to write a quick update to keep you all in the loop about what’s going on. You may have noticed that the site layout has changed and that’s because I’m preparing for a few other updates including an independent domain, a newer and more professional layout, and more content for you guys.

I was very serious about making this blog more of a priority and I think taking these steps will not only up the quality of the blog but also my commitment to it because let’s be real, beautiful layouts and domains ain’t cheap and a sista is still a broke college kid who doesn’t like to spend money on things that she’s not gonna use.

That being said, there will be a lot of changes over the course of the month. Some will be gradual (like the addition of new tabs and features) and some sudden, but rest assured, its all for the best, I promise. So stay tuned!


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