The Time I “Met” A Bunch of A-Listers 

Whenever I head into the big apple, I always try to see something new. During my last trip, my family and I were able to meet stars like Rihanna, Daniel Craig and more. But…we didn’t quite meet them in person.

We met the A-listers at Madame Tussaud’s House of Wax, home of some of the best wax figures out there including Robin Williams and YouTube Star Jenna Marbles. I’d never been there before now, and I highly recommend it because the figures were so lifelike and the museum was (for the most part) very hands on.

Photo ops with the figures were encouraged and there was even a live show for kids to enjoy. So you bet your ass I touched  EVERYTHING I could get my hands on (including Iron Man’s suit).

Here are some of my favorite shots. 

Of course I had to throw it back and get a shot of my favorite girl band from childhood….

And we ended the day with our last goodbye to a movie icon who smiled at us as we left.


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