The Wanderlust Is Strong With This One

2016 allowed me to see and do some really cool things. I was able to play with wolves, ride camels and travel… a lot. As a result of an eventful year, there aren’t a lot of things I could come up with for New Years resolutions except for working on traveling more. 2016 saw me in two different countries and a couple of different states. However, for 2017, I want to expand on my travels and have more adventures in far off places. Here’s my itenary for 2017.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Cozumel, Mexico

Tours, France

Barcelona, Spain

Manchester, England

Osaka, Japan

Dubai, UAE

Some of these places I’ve been to and want to explore more (like Mexico) while others are trips I’ve been dying to take part in. My goal is that by writing these down I can make these travels happen. Two of the three are already scheduled for this year, but let’s see if I can hit all seven by 2018!


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