Why you should ditch your bra ASAP

Ladies, lets talk about your boobs for a second. 

We all know how hard it is to find something that provides the right shape we are looking for and to be honest, sometimes it’s near impossible.
Where there’s lift, there’s no shape, where there are cute designs and feminine pieces, the undergarments are lacking in style and fit, and let’s not even talk about price. There doesn’t seem to be a way to win without spending tons of money on bras whose underwire will pop out within a month or be eaten by the washer.

As a bigger busted (D46) woman, I’ve always envied my A cup counterparts. My sisters and friends who had ity bity titties could wear cute bras and even cuter tops while I was stuck thumbing through the same boring nude undergarments.

Now I always knew bralettes existed, but I always thought they were for the Fit athletic girls with great bodies and perfect boobs. For the longest time, I believed that in order to experience the joys found in a breautiful undergarment, I had to lose weight or get a breast reduction… that is until I tried my first bralette.

Society told me that for a woman my size, bralettes wouldn’t hold up or provide any support but I was pleasantly surprised after I tried on my first one and realized that bralettes were a lot greater than people gave them credit for.

The bralettes I tried (and bought) were from Aerie, American Eagle Outfitters’ sister store and they ran about $20 a piece on sale.

After trying every single style on, I learned that the halter, racerback, hi-neck and long line styles worked best for my busts and kept them in check without having them popping out at the sides. The long-line specifically gained a special place in my heart for it’s design. One of the ones I bought (pictured to the left) was even shaped like leaves than delicately down my torso.

Now it may seem like the design is all I was after, but it’s really about the comfort and how they made me feel. I ended up ditching the bras and going for bralettes because they were comfortable, wore well, and provided support without wires and hooks digging into my skin. And the fact that they came in so many styles made them wearable under just about anything.

Now I do caution that not all styles worked for my bust (I mean, bandeaus are basically a joke when it comes to bigger breasts) but for the most part, what I was able to buy works great and I wouldn’t switch back.

So if you’re bigger busted, I definitely recommend trying out bralettes for a change. You may be surprised.


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