Finding the Right Gifts!

One of my favorite parts about the Christmas season, is gift giving. Yes, not getting, but giving. I get a rush from finding the perfect gift for people I really care about and seeing their expressions when they like what they get.

But sometimes finding the right gift isn’t as easy as it seems. Here are some of my top tactics for finding your loved ones the perfect gifts this holiday season.

Pay Attention

One of the best ways to figure out what someone wants or needs is to pay attention, and I’m not talking about keying into hints the week before a holiday,  but rather all year. Some of the best gifts I’ve given where the result of paying attention to what my family and friends really want early in the year. It not only shows that you’re attentive, but that you really care.

Shop Early

I tend to start Christmas shopping in October, or earlier instead of waiting until the holiday season rolls around because there is a lot less hassle and the deals are almost always the same for what I need to buy. As someone who has worked in retail can tell you, a lot of holiday sales are a trick to get you to buy. That 40% off deal at your favorite store in December is the same deal that was there in September. The only difference is the merchandise. There are a few exceptions to this, but over all, it’s best to shop early to avoid the hype.

Judge Their Character

It seems silly to say that you should know who you’re buying gifts for, but you should really know them. If they’re a creative person, don’t be afraid to get them some art supplies they’ve been lusting after or make something for them. Nine times out of ten, they will appreciate the effort.

Laugh A Little

When in doubt, laugh it out. I once gave my brother a lovely pair of boxers that were decorated with pickles and other sexual innuendo for Christmas and he burst out laughing when he opened them. To this day, he says it was the best gift he’s gotten. Sometimes it’s best to go with humor that you know the other person will appreciate especially if it revolves around inside jokes.

Don’t Cop Out 

There are many different forms of giving up when finding gifts. For me, when I start dolling out gift cards, that’s when you know I’m at my whits end, but try to push through and remain creative about the gifts you’re buying or searching for. It may take a couple of weeks to find the perfect item, but keep trying and it will come to you.

What are some tactics you use when finding the perfect gifts? Comment below! 


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