Well this is awkward…

I originally planned to blog everyday for the month of December but I quickly realized how horrible I am at being consistant and I fell of track. However, I’m still trying and I thank everyone out there who reads these and gives me inspiration to keep going.

With the end of the semester literally at my door, I’ve been swamped with finishing up my internship and the school semester. I also start working back at my old job after this week, and it is the last week of print for the news paper I write for on campus. It’s been one hell of a ride, but I wouldn’t trade the experiences I have for anything.

That said, I’ve realized a couple of things about myself. Regardless of everything that I’ve been going through, being broke, car troubles, battling anxiety and depression, I have always found the stength to push through. Always, and I am so greatful for the people who have supported me along the way. From teachers to friends and coworkers, and even my readers, YOU ALL have helped me keep going through thick and thin.

One of my professors recently told me that the key to success is doing things my way. He said, “If you do it your way and it works, keep doing it because that’s who you are, thats YOU.” And his words have stuck with me because he’s right.

What drives my success and my actions is being who and I’m and I’ve learned that when I’m doing things that aren’t me, that’s where the inconsistency follows and I want to break that. I want to stop doubting my creativity and give everything my all.

So, what does this all mean? Is this the end of blogmas?

Hell no. This is the beginning of what I really want to post. I thought Blogmas was all about Christmas because that’s what I was seeing other bloggers do but Blogmas is a challenge to post everyday and it doesn’t have to be all about Christmas. I have the full rights to make my own and I sure will. Stay tuned!


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