A New Album from the Queen of the Clouds 

On Oct. 28, Tove Lo returned with her new album Lady Wood and I was finally able to get my hands on it. Here’s what I thought.

First Glance: Lady Wood is a cool alternative album filled with catchy tunes like Cool Girl,that hide a deeper meaning.

First ListenLady Wood seemed like something that should have been dropped at the start of the summer. Cool Girl and Influence were by far some of my favorite songs and their catchy beats and lyrics reminded me why I loved the Swedish singer so much.

The album featured a similar story theme remiscent of her first album Queen of the Clouds, but instead of clear snippets to tell me about specific stages of a breakup, sounds like Fairy Dust and Fire Fade transition from adrenaline high pop beats to sinking lows with deeper messages.

The thing about Tove Lo’s music that I love the most is that it’s uncensored (in both a literal and figurative sense) and tends to flow well. Tove Lo isn’t afraid to tell it like it is no matter how dark it may seem and for that reason, her songs are (to me at least) painfully relatable.

In Don’t Talk About It she sings “Don’t talk about it, sweep it under the rug like we do,” and seems to speak to those who have tried to fix a relationship that is beyond broken while pretending like everything is okay.

In Flashes she expresses the feeling of the effects of her fame when she sings “When I f— things up in front of camera flashes, what about you?,” and it’s songs like these that make me love Lady Wood but I think Queen of the Clouds still stands as her strongest album. The lyrics in her freshman album seemed to carry all of the shock value of her themes (drugs and sex) and while its still present in Lady Wood, it doesn’t have the same affect.

For that reason, Lady Wood (compared to Queen of the Clouds) doesn’t come off as raw. Queen of the Clouds and its featured songs like The Way That I Am and Habits became favorites for being shocking, and it would have been great to have more of that in her second album, but it’s almost impossible to recreate once it has worn off.

Still, I think Lady Wood is still a good listen. The album is shorter and filled with more catchy pop tunes, and that’s exactly what I’m here for.


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