Going Naked

For  darker complexions, finding makeup that looks great for a good price is like finding the Holy Grail. Naked 2 is it.

The Naked palette was the source of a lot of talk a few months back and it still is in a sense, but for a person with a darker completion, I tend to gloss over beauty crazes strictly because beautiful rich shades of eyeshadow typically look like tinted hues of baby powder on my skin. Still, it looked great and if so many people liked it, why not, right? The colors on the palettes were pretty and the sleek container was Instagram worthy, but I was skeptical to fully commit to buying it due to the price tag. But as my mom says, “nothing worth buying is cheap,” so I eventually I caved.

I bought the Naked 2 at Ulta for $54, and I know that’s a little pricey for some makeup, but hear me out here.

Naked 2 is epic. 

Naked2_SwatchesFor someone with darker skin, the swatches of the colors (with the exception of one) ALL showed up vibrantly on my skin, especially the darkest one dubbed “Blackout”  which was a godsend considering that I’ve been obsessed with smokey eye looks. Shades like Foxy, Tease, and Busted were the lightest shades in the palette which were great as highlighting colors, but Foxy was a complete bust – coming up as the dreaded powdery look on my eye. Meanwhile, YDK, Suspect, Snakebite, and Chopper became some of my favorites.

And that’s it – Out of twelve shades, only one failed to impress me.

I’d consider that a huge success for a palette especially one of this caliber. The best part, is that they all actually looked as vibrant on as they did in the palette, the shadow had a nice light-weight consistency, and it lasted all day. Blackout actually lasted well into the next day which was both shocking and horrifying but thankfully, it came off with some remover. Now, for  $54 , I think that’s definitely worth the money and the satisfaction that I can finally wear some great colors on my eye-lids.

If you’ve tried the Naked palette, tell me what you thought of it in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Going Naked

  1. The colors look really pretty on your skin tone! I have the Naked 2 and 3 palette, but naked 2 is a little too cool toned for me. There’s a really good dupe for the Naked palettes, the revealed palettes by coastal scents.

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