The New Snapchat Kicks Ass

Updates, Updates, Updates…They’re usually annoying but this Snapchat update is one that’s sure to blow your mind.

2016 is the year of some of the best and worse updates to our favorite apps. Last time, I touched on Instagram, but today, let’s take a look at the new ghost in the room – Snapchat.Snapchat Ping

Since it hit the market in 2011, Snapchat has taken the world by storm. At first, it was enough that users could send fun (and risky) photos and videos to their friends and partners, but as time went on, Snapchat added more ways to entertain its users.

Features such as the temperature and speed indicators as well as amazing filters were introduced within months of the apps release. Within time, everyone was sporting the infamous dog filter or gazing majestically into the camera as they donned a halo, crown, devil-eyes, or perfect make-up. The ability to both text chat and live-video chat quickly became a distinguishing feature, and just when it seemed like Snapchat couldn’t get any better, developers re-vamped the layout.

In early June, Snapchat released an update that gave users a new way to view videos as well as discover and explore other snap users and organizations. Live events suddenly became big and bold for all to see, and users were now allowed to subscribe to channels that really interested them. Snapchat Subscriptions

Subscriptions have been a huge request for the app since the release of the “discover” tab, and now that it’s finally here, users are ecstatic. Snappers are now able to click on a desired channel and subscribe to it. This allows the channel to show up under a specific tab which then allows users to access them quickly while also getting a quick glimpse of what the topic of the channel be about for the day so that they aren’t blindly clicking on tabs that may not interest them. This definitely comes in handy for those who have very little time to spend sifting through MTV’s snaps just to get a glimpse of what Khloe or Kim Kardashian may be making headlines for that day.Snapchat Display

On top of that, the new layout displays live channels with a beautiful square tile that screams “THIS IS IMPORTANT!” It’s cool to see how the app uses the new design to draw users’ attention to hot topics such as the elections, debates, entertainment news, and sports. The quick snaps already gave users a quick update of what was going on in the world, but this update makes it that much easier to view what users want to view right away. In a sense, it could turn into a news destination which surely will draw in a lot more of the older crowd.  The new layout is pretty, badass, and definitely makes the app much more convenient, and so far users seem to like it.

Snapchat Live“It’s pretty bomb and you can FINALLY subscribe to discover pages,” Antonette Dewar – a student at University of Tampa (UT) and frequent snapper says, “I enjoy the squares more than the previous circles, and this way you can have previews to content so I’m not wasting so much time looking at Kardashian foolishness.”

She does note that she misses the yellow chat bar, but you win some you lose some. The new update has it’s ups and downs but only time will truly tell whether it will continue to be a hit with social media users or not. For now, it looks like the app will continue to rise and gain more users along the way.

So, What do YOU think about the new update? Do you like it, hate it, or have no preference? And which do you prefer, the Snapchat update, or the Instagram one? Comment below.



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