Instagram: A New Day, A New Icon

For a long time, Instagram stuck to its roots and kept its icon and layout the same. Well, today that changes. Here’s a quick look at the new IG.

When I woke up this morning and spotted a new colored icon on my iPhone screen, the first thing that I thought was “oh great, did I download another useless app again?” 

Instagram and its new icon as seem on my iphone (Instagram / Georgette French)

But then I realized that that funny little app that was messing up my color scheme (don’t judge me) had a familiar name: Instagram. 

Well shit. 

After releasing its new agorithm system, Instagram finally decided “to heck with it,” and basically released a whole new app over night, and it’s actually pretty awesome.

The new icon is a huge step away from the Polaroid model that we’ve all come to know and love, but it’s a fun and new design that stands out while keeping that camera feel. The simply drawn camera in the middle of the rainbow blurb points out the new simple layout that Instagram has that’s sleek and shows off all of my friends pictures (and selfies) in the best way possible.

A look at the new timeline layout thats sleek and sophisticated. (Instagram /Georgette French)
Then there’s the flat look of the icon itself as well as the color scheme which has a certain psychology behind it

If you’re into colors and what they mean, you’ll know that restaurants use lots of reds to envoke hunger and passion while hospitals use blue hues to calm. Instagram’s new icon does the same thing.

Red invokes passion, while orange is a stimulating color – especially where food is involved. Purple, a color used to define royalty for years, envokes spirituality. Now take those colors and apply them to what we see on Instagram. Things we love, food we love, and Celebrities we love are all things that play on colors schemes and the new app colors reflect that. 

The new design was created to keep insta-fans entrapped with the app and bring in new ones who may not have used it before, but some users claim that it’s annoying and unneeded.

“There’s no point to changing the whole thing to be honest, it was fine the way it was,” Audrey Weldon said, “And the layout of the pictures is nice, but who really wanted it to change?”

Whether the change was unwarranted or not, it’s great that Instagram is stepping out of its shell to make changes that will make it a better platform.


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