Game of Thrones Hits Home

I’ve been a little behind on the Game of Thrones action, I admit it, but I’ve finally caught up with the episode “HardHome” which really lived up to its name. As usual, spoilers ahead.

A full day after watching the episode, and like several others, I still wasn’t ready to talk about it until now. To say that it left me feeling horrified and excited all at once was an understatement. I felt like I had just gone on the fastest roller-coaster ever created…and loved it. Even my sister who had just started watching it was overcome with emotion but the time has come and passed and a review is due. There was a lot going on and between Arya’s continued training under the watchful eye of the Faceless Men, as well as the best conversation I’ve ever heard between Tryion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen, there was a lot to wrap my head around.

If you watched the trailer for season five, you know about Daenerys’ infamous “break the wheel” speech which she delivered to Tyrion Lannister, her new adviser (Called it!), and based on the way things are going, it looks like not only will Dany really be winning this season, but she’ll be winning big. The Iron Throne is almost in her grasp and Tyrion is the key to getting it for her but at a cost. The imp believes that Daenerys can be a great ruler as he described:

“There was news that this girl, who having no land, no money, and no army, had suddenly come to gain all three,” said Tyrion Lannister on why he would advise Dany.

But it was up to Dany to decide if she wanted the help and now that she’s accepted it, she’s stands to gain so much more. Despite her loses and with the Iron Throne currently unoccupied since both Cersei (yes!) and Margaery (booo!) are currently rotting away in prison while Tommen rocks back and forth and sucks his thumb, it’s only a matter of time before the Targaryen girl is finally home.

Despite all the lovely chaos going on, the show still managed to pull my attention away from my favorite character and onto someone unexpected.

Jon Snow.


The bastard of Winterfell’s journey has put him in a very dangerous position yet again. In the company of some rowdy wildlings like Tormund, Jon went to HardHome, the biggest wildling camp north of the wall to try to convince the people there to abandon their home and take refugee in lands south of the wall, but only if they help fight the White Walkers when the time comes. Unfortunately, that time came a little too soon.

Winter is finally here…and I was not ready for it.

With the snow and the ice came the screams, and with the screams came a horrible silence that literally sent shivers down my spine. What followed next was nothing short of horrifying. The wildlings who had been locked outside the gates of HardHome tore it down in a fashion that almost puts the Walking Dead’s walkers to shame, and without any remorse, they went work on the rest of the village killing and converting everyone they could. Even children who were unlucky enough to make it onto one of the boats headed for Stannis’s ships were caught up in the slaughter and most were resurrected to join the fight.


Immediately, Crows and Free-folk alike took to the frosty waters of the Shivering Sea to escape and watched helplessly as the last of the wildlings were killed and then brought back to life to fight as white walkers. Right before everyone’s eyes, the army of the dead literally tripled in size which was the biggest F@&# you to the heroes of a story that I’ve ever seen.

The best part of it all?

Jon Snow lost the damn dragon glass, the only thing that can actually kill a White Walker…but it’s all okay since apparently his infamous dire-wolf handled sword is forged with the same stuff in it’s center which allowed him to defeat his first walker on his own.

Great news for Jon, shitty news for everyone else.

So, with all this horror and excitement hitting me all at once, it made me realize just how much more horror we’re in for, and just how hard it will hit home. The show has already proved that it’s not above tearing lovers apart again and again (Dany & Drogo forever), but it seems as if it will really touch into our deepest fears in more ways than one…




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