I Tried DIY Infused Water


So, my goal for the summer is to get healthy for various obvious reasons but mostly because the extra weight has been bugging me in terms of my scoliosis. With that being said, I’ve changed a lot about my diet and added in exercise but I wasn’t feeling like I was getting enough water into my diet.

Honestly, I don’t drink a lot of water – mostly because it tastes so bland and ‘cause I love juice – but I knew I needed to get more of it in my diet. At the same time, I also wanted to do more to further my progress and continue to find healthier alternatives to what I normally eat – like switching out fries with a burger for a salad instead – but I couldn’t find a way to make water taste better.I know its water, and that’s how it’s supposed to taste but still.

Luckily, (during the hours upon hours that I spend browsing the Interwebz) I saw a DIY for Infused Water recipes as well as the benefits of drinking it that included stuff like:

“Boosts your metabolism, naturally helps your body release fat cells, improves digestion, and flushes toxins from your system” Just to name a few.

Now that’s all cool, but if not for the fact that around that same time I started to feel like I was coming down with a nasty bug, I probably wouldn’t have tried it. But you know how the universe works.



So, taking that cosmic hint, I raid my mom’s herb garden for some mint (yum), and I used the last of the cucumber we had as well as some melon. Now I don’t like melon (of any kind), but I decided to try it anyway because – why not.

I added everything into a VOSS water bottle that I’ve had for…forever, shook it up, and chilled it for a couple of hours and needless to say, it was a nice replacement.

The fruit, veggies, and mint added a kind of electrical shock to the water while also adding some flavor to it. It didn’t taste like juice, but it did satisfy my need for something other than water. As a side note, I felt a lot less tired, I had more energy and (I don’t know if this is a normal side-effect), I also felt a lot less moody.

Surprisingly, Pinterest actually has tons of other amazing variations of this like Watermelon & Rosemary, or Lemon/Lime & Orange which all taste amazing and are great alternatives to juice so I definitely recommend you check them out, and try it for yourself!

Writing & Photos by Yours Truly!


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