A Call To Respecting Caitlyn

A couple of months back, there were rumors that Bruce Jenner would be featured on Vanity Fair and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that instead of Bruce, the mysterious new cover-girl Caitlyn Jenner, made the cover of the June 2015 issue. And let me say, she looks stunning.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of outraged, shocked, and even horrified people who felt strongly about this transition . I saw one too many “What the @*&#$” while browsing through comments on the new cover, and despite not identifying as transgender there were just a few things I had to point out regarding Ms. Jenner.

In a world where millennials rule, it’s important to understand that the world is constantly changing. Aliens could literally touch down in New York City tomorrow and not a single person would bat an eyelash anymore than is necessary to tweet and Instagram the event. There are all people and sexual orientations and yet, it always comes as a shock when things like this come out especially when it’s regarding a celebrity. I mean, come on. With all the different people in this world, we are still shocked when celebrities reveal something new about themselves? Really? And what’s worse is that people commented about Caitlyn only transitioning for fame, which makes sense considering the fame hungry society we live in and the image of the Kardashians, but can we consider something for a moment?



Caitlyn transitioned because it made her happy, the same way buying over four thousand dollars of shoes  made Carrie Bradshaw happy. Yes, Carrie is a fictional character, but that doesn’t change the fact that sometimes happiness doesn’t always make sense, but it doesn’t have to. Angelina Jolie married Brad Pitt  and had a bunch of kids because it made her happy, and Lady Gaga still  rocked a meat dress and weird alien-type shoes because it made her happy. Our happiness is ours, and doesn’t need an explanation. So whether you’re a forty-year-old mom who secretly loves Harry Styles from One Direction, or a fifteen-year-old who feels like they’re in the wrong body, the only thing that matters is your happiness and as long as you’re not hurting another person feel free to make yourself happy. Get that transition, wear what you want to, or blast that One Direction CD while you drive your mini-van because no one else’s happiness matters but yours.


Another thing people commented about was whether Caitlyn would date men or women and what that would make her. Would she be homosexual because she was previously a man, or would she be heterosexual, or maybe somewhere in between? I honestly don’t know the answer, but I don’t think it really matters. If it suits Caitlyn, her preference on men or women and what it “means” will matter only to her and no one else, all that matters is that people respect her in the ways she asks.

Then there’s religion.

In terms of religious beliefs like Christianity, the bible does say what it has to about laying with another man and the consequences of it (a popular argument), while also stating that we should love our brothers regardless (a popular counter-argument). In my opinion, no matter where you stand on transgender individuals, I think it’s important to keep religion from channeling hate or other negative feelings towards others because of what you personally believe. It’s fine to have an opinion. It’s fine to voice said opinion, but what’s not okay is being derogatory because you think what you believe is law. I was raised in a Christian household, but that doesn’t stop me from loving (or at-least respecting) those who are different from me.

In my opinion, we are still human beings and we all deserve love and respect. Berating someone because they are transgender, cis, homosexual, bisexual, black, white, christian, or Muslim, isn’t fair and it isn’t right. That hate does no good, and it is only an example for others in the same situation who are seeking acceptance.

As far as Caitlyn Jenner being on the cover of Vanity Fair, I totally commend it and I think we as a society need to put all questions and negativity aside, and simply respect her as a person and not berate her regardless of what we think her motives may be. Also, bravo to Vanity Fair  for continuing to depict people n all their timeless beauty. No matter who they are.


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