Game Of Thrones’ Sansa Stark Is Out Of The Fire And Into the Furnace

Game of Thrones episode 6 aired on May 17th, and between another horrible wedding, quick wits, and yet another trial, it left a lot of people shocked and horrified. Spoilers Ahead.

As usual, it looks like the ladies of the Game of Thrones are in for some truly terrifying times. With Episode 6: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken, we saw just bad things can get for the ladies of the show and just what is in store for them – especially for Sansa.

Lady Stark – the red-haired girl who not too long ago boasted that she would happily bare blonde haired children for King Joffrey – is not my favorite character by far, but the more that she endures, the more I’m forced to respect her. We’ve seen Sansa go through losing almost all of her family, being slandered in the face of the royal court, kidnapped, kicked around, and carted off like some rag doll passed between hands and with this episode, we watch as she passes into another’s hands.

Now she’s Ramsay Bolton’s, and it’s almost like being back at Kings Landing with Jffrey. With their wedding came a serious confrontation with Ramsay’s lover Miranda and while it was bad-ass to see Sansa put the woman in her place and establish the fact that while she was home, nothing could scare her, it was horrifying to watch as she was forced to endure Ramsay’s first horror – their wedding night. Ramsay’s first attack on Sansa came in the form of forcing himself on her while Theon watched, and it was not pretty. Sophie Turner however had interesting things to say about the scene and not surprisingly, so did George R.R. Martin.

Now, while most would argue that Sansa has been through enough, I’d say that she hasn’t been through nearly enough.

Yes, Sansa has been tortured on some of the most horrifying levels, but she has endured them all. Sansa has turned into a strong and independent woman but now it’s time to not only talk to the talk, but walk the walk. Like many of the characters have said, dying her hair doesn’t change the fact that she is a Stark girl, and now that Myranda has washed away the dye, we’ll be able to see if Sansa is still that little girl with the flaming red hair, or if she’s finally a woman capable of playing the Game of Thrones.

One thing is for sure, regardless of what piece you are in the game, you have to learn to rely on people and that’s something that Sansa hasn’t quite figured out yet.

Even Cersei relies on a weasel or two now and then.

And with Brienne and Podrick just a call away, it seems she’ll be pushed to her limits until she learns how to forgive, put pride aside, and call for much-needed help. I’d like to hope that help will come in the form of Theon Greyjoy who, slowly but surely, looks like he may turn out to be Sansa’s savior in her darkest hour but who knows. That’s just as likely to happen as everyone simply dying a slow and horrible death.

On a side note, it goes without saying that, Cersei is definitely winning right now. She’s single handedly managed to turn around the entire board in her favor and has done it quite magnificently. The Queen Mother went from being in danger of being sent home to Castely Rock, to implanting her butt firmly on the iron throne. She’s managed to not only control Kings Landing and cast out everyone who has been buzzing around her crown, but she’s also managed to take care of the thorns in her side – the Tyrells. With the help of Olyvar, she’s put both Loras and Margaery in the custody of the Faith which spells big trouble for the Tyrell siblings but true fans of the show know that in just time, Cersei will get what she deserves and I can’t wait for that day.

Images: FanPop; Melty; NumberOne



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