Game of Thrones: The Makings of A Queen

With the return of the Game of Thrones, came along a lot of plot twists that we probably never saw coming. From the beginning, it was announced that the show – which is based off of the George R.R. Martin series – would be taking several twists that deviated from the book…Meaning, certain people who were alive in the novel could be kicking the bucket in the show.

After episode 4 Sons of the Harpy aired, we quickly realized that the writers of the show definitely weren’t kidding around.

Game of Thrones is easily one of the top ten shows that has me on edge the whole way through, but after what I consider to be a rather mild episode, things really kicked off when the Unsullied were ambushed by the Sons of the Harpy and easily picked off in small groups. With all of the scouting Unsullied down and out, the last remaining one – our dear Grey Worm – somehow managed to fight off a gang of Harpies on his own until he was wounded by one of them. In the last few seconds, it seemed like this might be the end of Grey Worm and his budding romance with Missandei (Daenerys beautiful handmaid). But thankfully, Ser Barristan was able to come in and save the day though at the cost of his own life.


The show left on a major cliff hanger with Ser Barristan and Grey Worm laying together, bloodied and beaten down, amongst a pile of carcasses, which left most people in shock. Where they alive? Well, in the trailer for season five, Grey Worm is and being tended to by Missandei. Ser Barristan though, isn’t so lucky. Ian McElhinney has confirmed that he is in fact dead and the question everyone seems to be asking is: Why?

The answer might be simpler than you think.

With Jorah Mormont on his way with Tyrion Lannister in tow, it would only make sense to get rid of one of Daenerys’ advisors in favor of a better one. Though Ser Barristan is a kind and noble man who has shown Daenerys better, gentler, ways to rule, his usefulness was short lived. It’s time she learn from wittier, stronger, minds if we’re to get a queen who is good enough to take and hold the iron throne and Tyrion Lannister has proved time and time again that he is just that guy to show Daenerys how to use her mind. He’s also the freshest link to what’s going on in Kings Landing and if Varys meets up with him, Daenerys has the makings of an unstoppable team.

So then, what about Jorah Mormont?

Let’s just say this. Jorah is the only one still alive who had been with Daenerys to witness her dragons birth and right now she has a serious disconnect with them. It’s obvious that her dragons are key to helping her take Kings Landing so maybe he can help her reconnect with her children and reclaim the title of Mother of Dragons…or maybe he’ll add to the dead outside Meerens walls.


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