“Coda”: Code Word for ‘An Unexpected Death’

It’s been three days since the Walking Dead midseason finale aired on the East Coast, so if you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you divert from this post unless you are ready for all the spoilers that are about to come your way. And yes, that was my SPOILER ALERT. So, let’s talk.

The Walking Dead, a series on AMC about the post-apocalyptic world and lives of several Georgia survivors has been one of the most watched and favorite shows in the U.S. since it first aired and while I can say that I love the show because zombies are my thing (duh) and I’m forever #TEAMDARYL, I have to be honest with you guys. I wasn’t really feeling this season…at all.

Season 5 was probably the slowest, most boring season of all time. Compared to the other seasons (excluding the pilot for obvious reasons) where there was plenty of action ranging from the blowing up of the CDC, to Shane’s mental breakdown, to (le gasp) Hershel’s brutal death at the hands of the Governor, Season 5 featuring the groups dismemberment and ultimate search for Beth left very little to be excited about. Sure it had its moments like when Maggie and Glenn fought the world to be together, or when Carol made her epic badass comeback and saved the group from the Termites, or when Bob was infected and lost his leg to said hungry Termites (#KentuckyFriedBob), but aside from those random moments, the show was pretty stale. The reason being, the narrative and character development. From the beginning of the season, it was pretty clear that something major was going to go down but in all honesty, I thought it was something along the lines of Rick ripping out another dudes’ throat.


#NeverForget #BeastMode

But just when I was sure it would focus around Rick Grimes’ quickly deteriorating sanity, Beth goes missing after her heart-felt build up with Daryl where she learned just how strong she could be. Not that I really cared. Next to Andrea from Season 1, Beth was one of those characters that I kind of liked, but didn’t really care about. Like Amy, Tyrese, Father Gabriel, and Tara, I wondered what her purpose was in the show other than being Maggie’s all-too-loving sister and Judith’s babysitter. To me, she was that girl that kept the hope alive for the group, she was their innocence…and they were determined to get it, and her, back. But not before it was revealed that she was being held captive in a hospital ward by an uptight cop with a side order of the crazies, Dawn… and had consequently become Dawn’s punching bag. Even then, I saw very little purpose out of her until Carol entered the hospital. Then I thought, “OH! This is it! She’s going to step up and save Carol!” Which she did, but not to the extent that I’d thought – you know, gun’s blazing and what not, Rick Grimes style. No, instead, Beth saves Carol with cunning and skill, and her undeniably cute but sharp wits. Just like her dad (bless his soul), she fights back not with arms, but with her words and even after delivering a memorable speech, I still didn’t put the pieces together.


“You’re gonna miss me so bad Daryl Dixon,” Beth Greene.

I mean really, how did I miss that?

Like an idiot, I waited and hoped that Beth would get out of Grady’s Hospital on her own, but as usual, the squad came in to save her. What happened next, blew my mind (no pun intended). During an exchange (Beth and Carol for two of the officers that working Grady’s Hospital that Rick had captured thanks to Chris, I mean-Noah), Beth was allowed one shining moment where she stepped up and showed one ounce of badass-ery and then…. lovely, innocent, sweet Beth, get’s shot point blank in the head by Officer TightWad, who in turn gets offed by Daryl and Rick.

And just like that, the whole world collectively said:

What the @#(*%*?!

To say that that ending came out of nowhere is an understatement. Myself, along with the actors on The Talking Dead and I’m sure half of the world, were in a serious state of denial until Daryl carried the limp form of Beth out to Maggie who toppled down in horror and despair.


Beth’s not dead, she’s just sleeping right?

Now, after all of that: The build up, making me care for Beth, and relate to her, and start to root for her, there’s just a couple of things I have to say. First, HOW DARE YOU AMC. How dare you kill of Beth like that! Of all the characters on the show (Tyrese, Father Gabriel, JUDITH), you kill off Beth? Why? And how dare you make Daryl cry like that? That was his one shining star, his one hope for a romantic engagement and you blew it up like you blew out Beth’s brains. How dare you! And as if that wasn’t enough, then you go and do this.


But amidst all the emotions and horror, despair and heartbreak, there are still some questions that remain. Seriously, why kill off Beth? Will this lead to stronger characters in the group, Maggie especially? Would Beth still be alive if Rick had gone in guns blazing? How will her death change the group and how they react in certain situations and just what the heck is up with Father Gabriel and Morgan? Voice your answers, questions, and thoughts on the show below!

Writing by yours truly. Featured Picture from: Blurbherd : http://www.blurbherd.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/the_walking_dead-1920×1080.jpg



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