7/11: More Than Just The Home of the Slurpee

Have you seen Beyoncé’s video for her new song 7/11? No?
Well I implore you, right here, right now. Stop what you’re doing and go watch it. You know what, watch it here:

For anyone who has really listened to the lyrics of the song without watching the video, you were probably wondering what exactly was going through the pop diva’s head. I mean really,

Ooh we be be freaky deaky
Think me see she pink bikini
Rock that groovy dye dashiki
Nefertiti, edges kinky
Sweatin’ on my blow out
Sweatin’ on my dress
This trick about to go off
Mad cause I’m so fresh
Fresher than you

Um, What?

Despite the strange gibberish in the lyrics, the song, like most, is catchy as hell. Even more so when you see the video where the singer literally whips out her iPhone and films something reminiscent of a video found on vine. Beyoncé and several of her friends and crew, clothed in nothing but their skivvies or pajama’s (and a cameo of the white lace dress from Beyoncé’s AMA appearance) dance around in what appears to be a hotel and as the island people say, they “act the fool.” Staying true to the lyrics of the song, Beyoncé “waves her hands side to side” before “putting them in the air.” And although she mentions something about “not spilling dat alcohol” the singer who’s so serious about perfection, slips up once or twice and does in fact, “spill that alcohol” (I see you Bey).

But jokes aside, the video isn’t what I expected of Beyoncé who’s used to showing the world scantily clad versions of herself doing hype dance movies while belting out a note (*ahem* Haunted ); and while everyone else is stuck on the fact that she’s make-up less, uses her foot as a phone, features a napping Blue Ivy, or that the video makes her seem more humble than the “queen” her fans proclaim her to be, there’s only one thing that I took from this video. This, is the definition of success. As much as I don’t really care for Beyoncé, I can’t deny the fact that the singer has reached a point in her career where she can drop an album without any publicity and sell millions in a matter of minutes, or come out with a video like this that goes viral and as of this second has over 36.7 million views on YouTube…after only being released a week ago. And let’s be real, when your computer is autocorrecting Beyonce to Beyoncé, that’s when you know someone has really made it. Beyoncé is clearly testing the length of her success and obviously, she’s doing pretty well.

It’s unbelievable where Beyoncé has come from where she used to be, and at this point, I’m kind of curious to see where else she goes from here. I mean, once you’re at the top, where else can you go but back down? Regardless, I know where the world will be going with this. Enjoy these awesome and hilarious spoofs, paying homage to the diva.

 Featured Pictures from: Beyonce’s video 7/11 now up on Vevo & Youtube


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