OMG, LOL, You Got Me Saying #LEH…!

Everyone’s coming out with music now a days, but #LEH by Superwoman and Humble the Poet is by far my favorite song created by a Youtuber…well, ever. Lily Singh aka IISUPERWOMANII (and no, I can’t do that without doing the hand signs as well) is a Canadian Indian Youtuber who features some of the realest and funniest video’s on Youtube, one of which being “Girls On Their Periods” which sparked tons of attention on Tumblr. Funnily enough, that’s actually how I was introduced to Superwoman to begin with and I’m so glad for that. Lily is a funny charismatic girl who seems more down to earth and inspirational than most in my personal opinion, and she’s easily one of my top five favorite people to watch on Youtube while Humble the Poet aka Kanwar Singh, also Canadian (SHOUT OUT TO CANADA) is one of the coolest, most philosophical dudes to follow on Twitter. So when the song #LEH dropped on July 1st, I was one of the first to download that -ish and bump it in my car.

The beat is killer and the message even more so, but a lot of people have been wondering: What the heck does #LEH mean? Well, according to the Huffington Post, it’s basically:

 “A word of disapproval in Punjabi meaning “pffft” or “please” used to describe a ridiculous expression…”

But let’s make it simple shall we? It’s an expression put into words. More specifically, this expression:

Your brother always complains that you take his stuff but then he “borrows” your headphones. Leh. Your sister ever complain that there’s no good guys out there but shoot down all the nice guys that approach them? Leh. Do you  party every Friday even though you’re flunking school and you still don’t have a job? #LEH.

But I digress. Whether you totally understand what “Leh” means or not isn’t too important. What’s important are the messages that the song brings.

Never Stop Learning. Spread Love. Do you. Be happy. Chase Your Dreams.”

And more are just some of the few but above all else, be unique and be you. But don’t take my words for it, click the video below, share like, comment, rate, download the song from iTunes, and head over to UnicornIsland to grab a #LEH Shirt of your own.

And in the words of IISUPERWOMANII: “One Love SUPERWOMAN, that is a wrap and ZOOOOP!”

 Featured Image: “You Ridiculous As Hell” created by Inkquisitivie Illustration:

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