The 6AM Routine, & Why It Sucks

I’m the type of girl who likes to enjoying little things in life like watching the sun go down at the beach, or taking a morning jog and watching the sun rise (all things I recommend) though they’re not things I tend to do daily. It’s something that keeps me grounded especially when I’m on the brink of insanity, which seems like all the time lately. That being said, my mother and I decided to go check out the farmers market in our area and see what was up. I don’t know what we were expecting, but It was like being back home on the islands. The vendors were nice -though not without their hagglers- and the product was amazing. I love food, so I was more hooked on that than anything else but there were tons of stuff like jewelry, art, music, a freaking cupcake stand…


Yeah, I wasn’t kidding.

Ten cupcakes later, we went to the park, and this is where all the problems arose.

We were walking along watching the town come to life, and all we were seeing was the epitome of a perfect lifestyle only seen in movies and commercials coaxing you to become a step-ford wife. There were people brewing coffee in their homes, old ladies reading news papers on their lawns, and then there were the myriad of people who migrated to the park and took to exercising. Now, you could tell these people were religious exercisers. They had their equipment ready (Yoga on the lawn anyone?), they were jogging like zombies were after them (no doubt playing ZombiesRun!), and it was really…inspiring. Now since we’d been out since about six in the morning and these people since seven, I figured they were on the 6AM routine. Meaning, they were up at dawn and they power-housed through the day before starting all over again.

Such inspiring behavior made me think: What if I followed the 6AM routine? What if I got my behind up at 6AM, did my workout religiously, and then went about my day as planned instead of fumbling out of bed after my alarm goes off for the billionth time to zombie shuffle my way through my day? I’d have more time to get things done in a day, that was for sure, and time was what I really lacked…So, being the master experimenter that I am, I gave it a shot. I mean, if they can do it, why can’t I right?


I woke up at 6AM for the next few days feeling absolutely miserable and what’s more, is one of my sisters who bet she could stick to it, succeeded at it where I failed miserably…the saddest thing? She’s only nine-years-old and yet she has been meticulously waking up at dawn to get ready for her day. I really don’t know how you people do it but if there’s one thing I learned through this experience besides never betting with a twenty-year-old businesswoman trapped in a nine-year-old’s body, it’s that the 6AM routine isn’t for everyone. So I’ll stick to fumbling out of bed around noon, playing catch up all day, and then pulling as many all-nighters as I can manage with the coffee I have available.


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