OMG: Kate Middleton Sports A Tiara!

This morning, a little birdie (Twitter) informed me that Kate Middleton, our Duchess over in the UK, was spotted wearing a rather gorgeous tiara. First, can I just say, that she looks absolutely smashing especially post-baby, I think she should rock a tiara everyday, and I think she’s pretty much the epitome of flawless royal perfection akin to Princess Diana. Next, can everyone hop off her royal behind?

I, like a lot of people, was ecstatic when Prince William announced his engagement to Kate, and yes, even I bawled like a baby and celebrated when they got married. It was awesome. It was eventful and something worth being in the media but from day one, Kate has had the paparazzi and other media up her derriere about just about everything. Yes, she’s the duchess and we adore her, but I think she needs a little air to breathe. She married a Prince, awesome! She had his baby, no way! And now, she was spotted wearing another tiara other than the one she wore on her wedding day…Holy Crap-Batman!

Excuse her for living like the royal we’ll never be. (Yes, that was a Lorde reference)

I mean, how dare she sport a tiara to an affair at the Buckingham Palace?! It’s not like she’s the wife of Prince William and therefore should be wearing such a regal tiara, and especially one that was loaned to her by the queen and has been in the family for years…right?  Oh wait…but she is the wife of the Prince, & the Duchess, so I guess she does have that right to rock a tiara huh? Well, oops.

Of couse, I kid. I love hearing about celebrities lives just as much as the next person, but when it gets to the point where we are losing our minds and breaking news becomes their new hairstyles, who they’re dating, what they ate for lunch, or who/what they’re wearing, I think we need to calm down just a little bit…Even if they are royalty and we are helplessly just a tad bit obsessed with them.

Original writing by Gee French. Picture sourced from Cosmopolitan’s Article by Alex Rees “Kate Middleton Wears Tiara, Should Never Be Allowed To Take It Off Again


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