Police Officers Need to Get it Together, Fast.


No disrespect to the police force, some of which are doing an outstanding job, but for the others, What the hell is going on? Lately, it seems like the force is fighting a losing battle on finding a balance in their ethical behavior; either there is such aggressive cause of action that its alarming, or there is no action at all causing us all to wonder if there really is a force out there that’s supposed to be protecting us.

And isn’t that the main goal? To serve and to protect?

I’m sure a lot of you have read, seen, or followed up on cases like the most recent New Mexico incident where a mother was pulled over for speeding only to then have her car shot at while her children where inside.


The officers pointed a taser at the woman’s son after breaking the side window, then another officer proceeded to shoot at the car when the woman fled.

Now, I could go on and on about race like a lot of people have already done(yes, she was black and was then found with marijuana) but its about safety, not race. When did it become alright for an officer to bash in a minivans windows and shoot at a car full of kids just to do his job? Yes, the mother was speeding, Yes, the cop had just cause to stop her, but she had no weapon, didn’t look threatening, and the officer had no reason to harrass her like he did regardless of whether she fled or not. And yes, pulling someone from their car like that IS harassment. The only threat apparent, was her son who seemed to be defending his mother and the officers with the guns. Yes, you could call that assaulting an officer but if one is threatened, one should have that right to fight back, right? Isn’t that what we’re all taught since elementary school? The problem is, when does a threat become something to fight for? After a few heated words? A push? After a weapon is drawn?

Its interesting, alarming, and sad that there seems to be such a huge rise in violence not just from civilians but from our officers. Now, in no way am I saying officers should be big softies who just try to hug out situations but they do need to take a real long look at how to handle situations better. My dad is an officer so I believe they have every right to protect themselves in any situation, but there is a fine line between taking action to protect ones self and the public, and acting irrationally and that’s a lesson that is continuously learned the hard way. That being said, I think all officers should be required to wear these sunglasses, equipped with video cams while on duty like those officers in Utah.


Stylish and productive at the same time, they let us see EXACTLY what the cops see instead of being subject to dashboard Cams.

While I don’t believe in constant monitoring because individuals should be more trustworthy without it, at this point, its becoming absolutely necessary to monitor everything our police force does, not just for their safety but for that of others. This way, there will never be a question as to why an officer did what he did, as we’ll be able to see it all and make a better judgement for ourselves…Because face it, it will be a sad day when the people no longer trust those governed to protect them…and that day seems to be approaching faster than we thought.

As usual guys, tell me what you think about the issue in the comments below.


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