I’m convinced Miyazaki is a genius.

With nothing to do on a Friday night, and a house all to myself, you’d think that as a twenty-two year old, I’d be out clubbing or bar hopping (which I do when the mood suits me). But instead, here I am…. lounging on my couch… watching cartoons.

Well, I shouldn’t say cartoons, lest some teenage enthusiasts slaughter me for using that term, but rather, anime (and if that’s not the right term either, screw it).

And not just any anime… I’m currently addicted to a Mr. Hayao Miyazaki, creator of movies like “Howl’s Moving Castle” (what I’m watching now) “Princess Mononoke”, “Spirited Away” and many more. My sister and best friend Kayla actually turned me on to Miyazaki a couple years ago and after watching a few of his films ( a billion times), I’ve come to a conclusion.

The man has got to either be a magician or he’s figured out how to hypnotize people through the television (a feat I hear isn’t all that difficult.) How in the hell he came up with stories and worlds so captivating is beyond me. I mean, here I am, an adult, and he’s got me sucked in, eyes glued to the T.V. with a wine cooler in one hand and my phone in the other while Panda Leaks begs and pleads to go outside (no need to worry all you animal activists… the pup has relieved himself).

I mean, how does he do it?! He’s got me believing Howl is real and wishing he was in love with me instead of dear Sophie (even though we all know Howl is played by Christian Bale, aka Batman), all while getting the point across that running away from ones problems is never the answer.

Ugh, genius…

Do you guys know what I mean? What’s your favorite Miyazaki movie or character? Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “I’m convinced Miyazaki is a genius.

  1. Hands down Spirited Away. Makes me cry almost every single time, and the Japanese Philharmonic did and amazing job for the soundtrack. My second favorite is Howl’s Moving Castle. After that, everything just evens out into pure unadulterated genius. I was depressed for two days after he announced his retirement.


    1. Me too! đŸ˜„ I actually have the soundtrack for Spirited Away. Its lovely, but Howl is my favorite besides Princess Mononoke, hands down! lol


  2. Can’t decide which is my favourite…

    Nausicaa is my childhood favourite.
    My Neighbour Totoro is the most timeless.
    Princess Mononoke is the most epic.
    Spirited Away is his most complete and perfect film.
    Porco Rosso seems to get better with each viewing.


    1. I can’t say I’ve ever seen Porco Rosso but I totally agree with you otherwise. Princess Mononoke is intense! Definitely one of my top favorites.


      1. Highly highly recommended. It’s about a man who’s literally been turned into a pig. Lovely characters, a bit on the silly side with some powerful poignant moments.


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